From the back cover: This is not the usual herb book. Like most herbals, there will be information about plants, their uses, and herbal formulas, as well as Native American healing practices. But this information will be embedded in the Stories.

…it had been a dry summer and the forest floor crackled as he walked upon it. So the plants were very grateful that this two-legged was sharing water with them. As the Singer turned to go back to the ceremony grounds, he heard a small voice. He saw a plant that he did not know, and believed this plant was talking to him. The plant said, ” My name is Throat Root. Pull me out of the ground and chew on a small piece of my Yellow Root. Keep it in your mouth during the ceremony and your voice will not fail you.” And so, to this day, many of the Eastern Singers will carry Yellow Root with them and suck on a piece of root to help their voices.

The herbs in this book were used by the Native Americans and are native or naturalized to the lands east of the Mississippi

Brand new published April 2019! This is a book that is part Native traditions, part Stories and Legends of the Plants and the Elders, and part autobiography. Includes information about plants East of the Mississippi, and their Stories. Many of which have never before been in print.

Softbound. Oversized at 9″ X 6″.

Price is $16.95 plus $8 Shipping for 1-2 copies

From the introduction: This book about herbs was written for those people who want to learn about herbal medicines and don’t know where to start. I meet these eager students ay herb festivals, plant walks, workshops, and in classrooms, and they all seem to have one thing in common. They are looking for an HERBAL, or book of herbs and herbal medicine that is written simply and easy to understand. If your knowledge of herbs consists mainly of how much oregano to put in the pasta, this HERBAL is for you.

The purpose of this book is to show that herbal medicine is SIMPLE. In fact, medicines that are made from one herb are called SIMPLES. These medicines have been around since the beginnings of civilization, before the average healer could read or understand chemistry. Time has proven that these herbal preparations are effective. It has also shown that herbal medicines can be made with common, easy to grow plants and everyday kitchen tools.

This is an herb book for those new to herbal medicine. It contains basic information and instructions for growing, harvesting, preparing, and using more than 50 herbs. Originally published in 1995, this revised edition was published in 2014.

Softbound. Oversized at 9″ X 6″.

Price is $16.95 plus $8 Shipping for 1-2 copies

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